Friday, July 29, 2016

Brickman of Clay

I really like this! Long-time comics fan Mel Horton has made a model of my Brickman character out of clay, based on a drawing I did for him at a convention this year. I feel honoured that he chose one of my characters to make, considering that Mel is a big fan of the old Odhams comics. It'd be great to see him do a Grimly Feendish or Cloak one next wouldn't it? 

Mel has a blog too, where he's created some nicely animated Smash! covers. Check it out here:

If you haven't already bought any Brickman titles, they're still available from my online shop, but the digest book Brickman Begins! (published by Active Images, 2005) is now in short supply and once it's gone, it's gone! Order them from here:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Panini previews

Essential X-Men No.1, on sale 25th August.
Here are the covers to Panini's revamp of their Marvel Collectors' Editions. As noted the other week, now that they're featuring the post-Secret Wars stories, they're re-starting most of their comics with new volumes. 

So far, it looks like The Mighty World of Marvel will be the only one to continue its current numbering, with issue No.29 on sale 25th August, the same day as Essential X-Men (Vol.4) No.1. 

These comics also bring the reprints closer to their original publication date, with most stories only a year (or less) behind the American comics. With each issue containing 100 pages (settling back to 76 pages with the second issues) there's never been a better time for new and lapsed readers to jump on board. 
Marvel Legends (Vol.3) No.1, on sale 18th August.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Latest COMMANDO news

Fresh from D.C. Thomson, here's the lowdown on the four issues of Commando that will be in shops from tomorrow. Two reprint, two brand new issues...

Commando issues 4935-4938 – On Sale 28th July 2016

Commando No 4935 – Firebrand!
 Siblings Ian and John Jenkins were both R.A.F. pilots. Ian was the elder, calm and confident. John was younger and hot-headed, a definite firebrand. Based in the North-East of Scotland, they protected the coast against attack from the marauding Luftwaffe.
   However, when tragedy struck, John found himself embroiled in a mystery — one that involved death, destruction and even espionage. And it seemed there was a family connection. The firebrand was determined to find the answers…whatever the cost.

Story: Colin Watson
Art: Janek Matysiak
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4936 – Fighter Ace
 “Flame Squadron” they were called in the R.A.F. But to the baffled pilots of the Luftwaffe they were known as “Flame Devils”.
   When an aircraft was shot to pieces, cartwheeling across the sky in a mass of flames, somewhere in that blazing Spitfire a cool fighting brain still functioned, a finger still pressed the firing button. Long after any pilot must have perished, each plane carried on flying.
   As the Luftwaffe’s terror grew, one of Germany’s top spies was sent to ferret out the secret of the “Flame Devils”…

 This curio from 1966 has a vaguely supernatural premise about indestructible Spitfire pilots who can seemingly survive the flames of aerial battle — Commando with a pulp fiction, or even science-fiction, flavour. Then, however, author Boutland’s (first name unknown) story veers into espionage territory, making it more of a traditional tale — but one that’s certainly well-drawn by Arias and with a moody action cover painted by Buccheri.
Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor
Fighter Ace, originally Commando No 206 (March 1966), re-issued as No 843 (June 1974)

Story: Boutland
Art: Arias
Cover: Buccheri

Commando No 4937 – Making His Mark
 When World War II broke out Mark Enfield quit his office job and enlisted in the army. Although enthusiastic, he was quite puny and unfit. Nor was he a very good shot — and many noted the irony that he shared his surname with the famous Lee Enfield rifle that they used.
  .He became a target of bullies among his fellow recruits in basic training and this continued when they went into battle.
   However, Mark was determined to stand up to his detractors once and for all, especially when his unit was tasked with destroying a strategically important bridge which was in enemy hands.

Story: George Low
Art: John Ridgway
Cover: John Ridgway

Commando No 4938 – Burning Skies
 During the war most people served in the same unit all the time. However, Jack Banham was different. He was in an Italian jail, then a front-line trench with the Greek army, then the observer’s cockpit of an Italian biplane. At one time he was even a colonel in the Greek army…
…Or was it the Greek air force? Months afterwards he still wasn’t sure. Not that it mattered, for by that time he was a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm!

 In some ways it’s a pity that this tale’s original working title wasn’t used. Veteran Commando author R.A. Montague called it ‘Jack Of All Trades’. This neatly sums up the multifarious activities of our protagonist, Jack Banham — on his journey from being a civilian treasure hunter to a soldier, then eventually fighting in aircraft.
   This relentless yarn rarely pauses for breath. Proof once more that Commando’s 63-page format allows a story room to go to unexpected places.
Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor
Burning Skies, originally Commando No 1116, (April 1977), re-issued as No 2436 (January 1991)

Story: R.A. Montague
Art: Maidagan
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Con Cancellation

With deep regret I'm afraid I'm unable to attend the London Film and Comic Con this coming weekend. I have to meet deadlines and I'm running behind schedule. I often take pages with me to events, to draw between meeting readers, but with the best will in the world I still wouldn't get as much done as I would if I stayed at home. 

With juggling so many events and deadlines this year I suppose it was inevitable that it'd affect things eventually. Work has to take priority in these situations and I couldn't risk being away for four days at the moment. My apologies to everyone who was hoping to see me there.

The next event I'll be at will be the Bristol Comic Expo on Saturday 6th August. A one-day event. For more info, see here:

By the way, if you're at the Manchester MCM con this weekend, my Beano pals Nigel Parkinson and Nika Nartova will be selling copies of my Brickman Returns! comic. Drop by and say hello.

Monday, July 25, 2016

DWM 502 preview

Here's the cover to the bagged issue of Doctor Who Magazine No.502, in the shops this Thursday, 28th July. It's another bumper issue with exclusive news, strips, interviews, features, and it comes with bonus items of the second part of a huge poster and four art cards. There'll be another Daft Dimension strip in there by me too. Here's a detail from one panel...

Doctor Who Magazine No.502, only £5.99.
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