Thursday, November 16, 2017

Frank Bellamy's GHOST WORLD (1963)

I recently bought a near-complete run of Odhams' Boys' World, which was a fine comic/magazine that deserved to run longer than the 89 issues it managed over 1963 to 1964. Some of Britain's top comics creators worked on the title, including Frank Bellamy. 
I know some of you are big fans of Bellamy so today I thought I'd show the first three episodes of Ghost World, a strip that ran on the back page of Boys' World from Vol.1 No.46 (7th December 1963) to Vol.2 No.17 (25th April 1964). Ghost World was a sequel to The Angry Planet that had run in the comic previously by another artist. (I'll show some of those at a later date.)
It must be said that from Mickey Mouse Weekly and Modern Wonder in the 1930s to Boys' WorldWham!, Smash!, etc in the 1960s, Odhams produced some great comics/magazines. Admittedly they turned the original Eagle into a shadow of its former self, but even then it still featured some top artists. I'll show some more strips from Boys' World in the future.

Titan's JUSTICE LEAGUE No.5 out today

From Titan Comics...

DC Universe Presents: Justice League #5 is now out and to celebrate the highly anticipated release of the Justice League movie, we've got an exclusive subscription offer to get a #FREEDC Comics Retro Waddingtons Number 1 playing card pack, and SAVE 20% off the cover price! 

There's also a heroic movie cover, a WonderWoman movie poster, plus a chance to win an exclusive, limited edition Police Watches UK Justice League watch!

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Be of good cheer, the Christmas VIZ is here!

You know the festive season is definitely here when the snow-capped Christmas issue of Viz is to be found on the top shelves of all good newsagents and supermarkets across the land. Viz No.271 came out yesterday and its sweary, satirical fun is now as traditional as mince pies and undercooked turkey. The 52 page issue comes with a free Rude Kid Calendar for 2018 packed with Not Safe For Work jocularities in stunning full colour.
All your Viz favourites, apart from the ones I used to do, are up to their seasonal pranks, with stories decorated with snow and holly and that. Here you'll find 8 Ace, The Fat Slags, Drunken Bakers, Meddlesome Ratbag, Spawny Get and more, plus new favourites such as Conker Hospital, Victoria's Plumbers, and a fantastic Broon Windsors strip drawn by Stephen White...

All this plus a load of satirical features will keep you warm in the glow of your own laughter on those solitary winter nights. Viz 271, out now, £3.50.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Spaceship Away No.43 arrives with a festive cover

The latest edition of thrice-yearly comic Spaceship Away dropped through my letterbox yesterday and it's another fine issue. The brand new Christmas cover by veteran artist Don Harley (Eagle, TV21, Countdown) is worth the cover price alone in my opinion, but the contents deliver the goods as well.

There's another eight pages of the new Dan Dare adventure Shakedown Cruise, written and drawn by Tim Booth who puts an amazing amount of work into his panels...

Other strips are the second part of Operation Pintos, a reprint from the 1950s (but the original source isn't mentioned unfortunately), and a reprint of The Golden Amazon (part 2) by Philip Harbottle and Ron Turner, based on the novel by John Russell Fearn. This strip is newly coloured by Martin Baines, who does a great job on it, retaining Turner's original linework.

There's also a humour strip, presumably a reprint, called Davy Rocket. Sadly uncredited with no mention of where it first appeared. I presume this has also been newly coloured. Why put credits on the adventure strips but not on the humour strip? 

The rest of the issue is comprised of various articles. Some, such as a history of rockets and an item on a video game, seem out of place in Spaceship Away and I'd have preferred to have seen another strip reprint or a Dan Dare related article in their place. However, some of the other articles are excellent. There's an interview with David Leach, editor of Titan's new Dan Dare comic, and a very informative feature on the 1930s magazine Modern Wonder, a precursor to Eagle. I'd heard of this publication but knew very little about it, so this feature was very welcome. Modern Wonder, published by Odhams (a company behind several good titles over the years), was a glossy tabloid that must have looked very futuristic to the kids of 1937. Sadly, wartime paper shortages and suchlike put an end to it and the later generation that Eagle was aimed at would have had no knowledge that a similar publication had appeared years earlier.

Spaceship Away isn't cheap at £8.50, but the production standards are very high and that price does include postage. This latest issue, No.43, will be available to order soon from the comic's website:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beano Christmas Special 2017

It's been out for several weeks now, but if you didn't already know, the Beano Christmas Special is in the shops now. 68 full colour pages in the 'bookazine' format with all-new strips and features, plus 20 free stickers!

I don't have a copy myself, and didn't receive any PR about it, but I thought readers of Blimey! should be informed it exists, so I used the image from the D.C. Thomson website for this promotion. 

This isn't the regular Christmas Beano, but an additional special that has been running for a few years now. The festive issue of the weekly Beano will be published in December as usual.

You should be able to find a copy of Beano Christmas Special in the shops, but if your local retailer hasn't ordered it, buy it directly from the publisher here:
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